Sound Actions for the Women’s and Non-Binary People’s Rights

Sound and visual installation that presents the opportunity take part of different mobilizations and expressions in favor of women’s and non-binary people’s rights. It is a collective work, with the collaboration of more than 30 artists from different countries. The main objectives are to make visible and audible the fight for women’s and non-binary people’s rights, accompany, integrate, connect, strengthen, divulge works created by women and generate feminine references in art. The curatorship was in charge of Lucía Chamorro, Ingrid Palacios, Laura Rodríguez and Elena Solis. The works of the installation were selected from an open call that was shared through social networks. The installation was assembled for the first time in the Quitapenas, venue of the Form and Sound Workshop, within the framework of the International Sound Art Festival Monteaudio 17 (Montevideo, Uruguay).

One of the works consists of a collection of sound recordings of marches and demonstrations under the theme of the struggle for women’s and non-binary people’s rights, all sounding simultaneously from different speakers, generating a collective soundscape of struggle and vindication. The cities present in this work are Arequipa, Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Concepción, Juárez, Lima, Oaxaca, Montevideo, San Pablo and Valparaíso.

In this sense, sound becomes a tool of empowerment, of communication of what we denounce, demand and need, cries of anger, of complaint and of support and appropriation of the cause. All those marches sounding at the same time, with the different accents, languages ​​and sounds are the reflection of a revolution that is gestating and inspires us to continue and to unite ourselves more and more.

Many of the artists who collaborated with the registers of their cities are part of a group of Latin American soundscape artists linked through a social network.

Through this self-managed project we take our recorders and go out to document the struggle, we make it visible, we make it audible and with it our works and ideas. We support and inspire each other to take the initiative, to continue creating and to get out of the imposed roles of women being  just muse, groupies or those who accompanies and inspires but don’t protagonize.